Erik Katerborg | Creative Technologist | Lecturer

Hi! I’m Erik, I organise workshops and lectures about creative technologies! I’m currently interested in Machine Learning for the web, and creative coding in Javascript. I maintain a Machine Learning reading list here.

Some keywords: Tensorflow, React, Typescript, Javascript, ML5, P5, TouchDesigner, Unity, Python, Arduino, Internet of Things, BlockChain.

I work at Creative Media and Game Technologies - Rotterdam University for Applied Sciences in Rotterdam, and I also organise private workshops. Recent workshops include the introduction to ML5 for AIxDesign, and game design workshops for Digital Playground.

Formerly I worked for several creative agencies in the Netherlands, creating interactive display screens for public spaces.

Recent experiments include a PONG game controlled by body poses, an Interactive Blockchain Tutorial, and an Animation that shows how a single-cell computer brain learns

Read more about my University projects, Freelance projects and Code experiments.

University Projects

Online Arcade Cabinet for student games Guest Lecture AI at LAB Finland
Robot Royale - Online Multiplayer programmming game Student Portfolio website

Freelance Projects

Interactive Video Booth - Exposition University of Groningen Digital Playground - Unity Workshop for kids
Heineken Visualisation displayed in Wembley Stadium London Build-a-Chip public touchscreen game

Interactive campaign work for brands such as Heineken, KPN, 3FM, Nike, ING, Vodafone, University of Groningen.

Code Experiments

Generative Pixel City Emoji Art Generator Body Pose Pong
Interactive Blockchain Tutorial React Pokedex Raspberry Pi Drum Computer

You can play Pac Man on an IKEA lamp, Visualise how a single-cell brain learns, or build your own Mario level in this Typescript experiment


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